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Love Message

Hold Me Close Bouquet, Embellish Your Story

We believe everyone has a story, unique, and beautiful to them.

JH FLORAL DESIGNS captures this concept and it reflects in the creative work we do, using only the freshest flowers to inspire and tell your story.



"Hold Me Close Bouquet" It's a statement of "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" she'll always hold close to her heart on her wedding day —lovely roses and vibrant moon orchids speak LOVE. The “old” is simple enough it represents the deep bond between the bride, her family, and their past.

It symbolizes continuity and is a testament to where she came from, and good luck for her and her groom in the future. Something old could be any family heirloom —a wedding dress

I had a lovely time chatting over coffee with our bride Allison. I deconstructed our bride' mother's wedding dress, crochet "something blue" was incorporated into her custom and personalized floral bouquet along with a vintage locket to remember and walk with loved one who can't be at her wedding in person


"Happiness blooms
from within"

"i must have flowers
always and always"
Claude Monet

floral fashion

Floral-Inspired, Fashion Design

Our flower girl is wearing dreamy elegant modern multi-functional floral purse bouquet hand-crafted design in a silver floral-shaped base with sparkle neutral tones beaded flower detailed crystalline rhinestones includes shades of red peonies and roses accent with dusty 24K gold monstera leaves to give the look and style of tropical cultural Thailand​

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